Casual Cassowary walk on the mild side

Here's my new best birding buddy. We spent 90 minutes close together on the Wallaman Falls road yesterday.

He doesn't say much, so I did most of the talking. Nothing new there.

He did most of the eating, including unknown small fruit mashed by motorists.

He's got a splendid casque for butting through the forest, so he's Casca, 'my' Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius)
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mick said…
Wish I could talk to the birds and have them pose so nicely for me! Great photos, Tony, I don't think I have ever seen photos taken that close before.
Pete Shanley said…
Another great post Tony. When do you know to keep out of their way?
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Mick: They don't all stick around to talk, though it's surprising how many do. Most of time we were 3-4 metres apart.

Hi Pete: Perhaps if bird grew obviously toey, or stared harder at me than at fruit. This bird accepted me walking alongside more readily than cars passing by.
Barbara said…
Beautiful cassowary Tony - how did you decide it was a 'he'?
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Barbara: Small size and past parenting by same bird in the area.

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