Kingfisher, Falcons pose for post

Still chasing 'the' picture of Red-backed Kingfisher (Todiramphus pyrrhopygius) lately resident near Orient Station, southeast of Ingham.

Must make do in meantime with recent willingness of bird to pose for a post.

Brown Falcons (Falco berigora) along same road also share liking for posts.

Too bad so much barbed wire gets into the scene.

And why can't they simply sit still in midair?  
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Denis Wilson said…
Hi Tony
Perhaps the best photo of a Brown Falcon in flight it has ever been my pleasure to see.
Tyto Tony said…
Thanks Denis. Raptors in the region are licking their lips as the cane harvest starts disturbing plenty of flying protein.
Sally Fyfield said…
Hi Tony,
Thanks always for your wonderful photos. Yours must be the best blog I know.
Tyto Tony said…
Thank you, Sally. The birds deserve most of the praise.

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