Tidying up with four from Tyto

Bird numbers down everywhere so time to tidy up the Tyto holdovers, starting with Red-browed Finch (Neochmia temporalis), on guinea grass stalk – since whipper-snipped - near the lookout.

Rarer sight, White-throated Gerygone (Gerygone albogularis) sitting still in a paperbark near hide.

More common, Rufous-throated Honeyeater (Conopophila rufogularis), also in paperbark near hide.

To finish off, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin (Lonchura castaneothorax) pauses during feeding.
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Snail said…
Oh, that poor finch. Where's it going to sit now?

Lovely photos, as always. Have never seen that species of gerygone before.
Pete Shanley said…
Great pictures. I'm yet to get a decent photo of a red-browed finch, well done on all counts!
Tyto Tony said…
Finches would rather be in the shade anyway, but guinea grass has more than a few species that love it.

Thanks Pete. Sometimes just sitting around seems to bring the birds in.

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