Nightjar sits tight, Skink gets tyred

Seldom come across Large-tailed Nightjar (Caprimulgus macrurus) sitting around so openly as above (on very low branch), at Jourama Falls this week. More often, they sit unseen on the ground by day, and ‘chop chop’ through summer nights.

Recent rain means Riverview Creek at Jourama is running high, but the rusty Camry has given way to a bit more Toyo (T. troopy) grunt and clearance. 

And, happy link between road and nature, Striped Skink (poss. Ctenotus Spaldingi) checks out an old wheel that floated into Tyto on floodwaters last year (NB: editorial restraint on puns).
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Anonymous said…
Lovely photo of Nightjar - what a find! We've only ever glimpsed them well camouflaged on the ground or listened to them at night. And the Toyo looks to be another good find - travel plans?
Snail said…
I admire your restraint.

That's a great photo of the nightjar. Haven't seen them or heard them here.
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Barbara: First time I've come across a branch-sitter without flushing it off ground. Travel? Maybe later in year.

Thanks Bronwen: Fewer (LTNs, not puns)around here lately.

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