Dragonfly with passenger?

One or two more dragonflies whizzing about lately but not many seen carrying passengers, as above (Neurothemis stigmatizans) appears to have on right forewing. A mite?

No visible stowaway aboard this Tyto regular (Ictinogomphus australis).
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Snail said…
I can't see if it's a mite at that scale. It could be an insect that's just landed briefly on the wing. But any hitchhikers would have to latch on securely at the speed those wings move!
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Bronwen: Sorry about scale. After much more staring I'm inclined to think maybe tiny spider.
Snail said…
There's not much you can do about the scale! I know that pseudoscorpions use flying insects as a way to get around. They cling on for dear life with their little claws. Maybe that's a possibility?
Denis Wilson said…
I was going to say a Mite would burrow into fleshy bits, or at least something with a vein in it.
Caterpillars, especially hairy ones, frequently have red mites on them.
Great shots of the Dragon Flies. Tony.
You distracted us from the most obvious point of the Blog - the beauty of your insects, and your great shots.
Tyto Tony said…
Oh to be a master of distraction in these days of destruction (various: ethical, political, economic; and that's just the crowd in Canberra).

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