Clean as a Whistler

Big branch got between us, but male Rufous Whistler (Pachycephala rufiventris) didn't get clean away and makes for tidy study of feather details.

Also provides chance to run image of female, also taken in Tyto.
Click pix to enlarge


Denis Wilson said…
Gosh, Tony.
They're a familiar species for me. I can't often say that about your birds.
Nice photos.
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Denis: Funny thing about RWs. The male never looks on screen as splendid as when seen in the wild. But Golden Whistlers seldom disappoint.
Denis Wilson said…
Yeah, they do tend to wash out a bit, don't they?
I have had that, even when I was helping on a banding trip, photographing birds in the hand.
Golden Whistlers are "way cool" as they say.

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