Catchlights catch them watching

Three images from Jourama Falls reflect wildlife awareness of the intruder among them: Rainbow skink (Carlia rostralis) keeps a cautious eye out.

Northern Fantail (Rhipidura rufiventris) casts a backward look.

Male Shining Flycatcher (Myiagra alecto) glances sideways.

Meanwhile, revised, noise-reduced Pied Monarch (Arses kaupi, with mantid) looks sharper.
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Snail said…
Gosh, that skink is beautiful. It's a fitting common name.
Denis Wilson said…
Love the Skink.
Others good, and your improved Pied Monarch is spectacular (if not "Spectacled").
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Snail: and it's one of few I can ID!

Hi Denis: But the NR prog proved a bit too slow and clunky. Trying others now,

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