Grass Owl rises from the ricegrass

Super start to 2014 as Eastern Grass-Owl (Tyto longimembris) flushes from swamp ricegrass at the western end of the main Tyto Wetlands lagoon.

The extended dry period since one downpour in mid-November has been good for the owls, snug in their ricegrass roosts by day and flying out to find prey by night.

It's almost certainly coincidental - though a little intriguing - that owl sightings have increased lately as ground snake sightings in Tyto have, since 2009, fallen markedly.  


Russell Jenkins said…
Excellent Tyto, flight shots. Great sights.
Noushka said…
Brilliant captures, Tony and lovely blog!
Great to see. Maybe the snakes take the eggs, and therefore it wouldn't be co-incidental!
David Gascoigne said…
Great way to start the year huh?

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