Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cor, love a duck (hard core)!

Nothing like a breakfast of duck in the mud to get Water Python's day off to a flying start.

Came upon snake engulfing (in-gulping?) waterbird with black webbed feet at the edge of the main Tyto lagoon yesterday.

Probably been at it for hours before I chanced along.

Another half-hour and the bird (possibly, Grey Teal) was no more than a bump in the middle of the  snake, which cruised off into the shallow water and mud to  set about digesting things.


mick said...

Amazing photos - the colors on the skin are beautiful - but what shocking table manners! I don't like those "beasties" any more than I did before :-)

Judith Gray said...

Fabulous sighting and photos! Beautiful colourings on the snake. The food chain is certainly interesting.