Tawny Grassbird stands out

Plenty of noise and sightings from Tawny Grassbird (Megalurus timoriensis) these days though as usual the birds seldom stand out from their habitat of blady grass and twiggy small trees. Bird above posed briefly in Tyto yesterday.

As did Little Kingfisher (Ceyx pusilla), with small catch. Stared resolutely away in spite of encouragement to turn for the camera.

Elsewhere, Mangrove Robin (Peneonanthe pulverulenta) seen wrestling with a monster wriggler of unknown identity. Passing honeyeater spooked the robin, which polished off prey within deep cover.

Finally got a reasonable image of Rufous Fantail (Rhipidura rufifrons). Quicksilver species rarely sits still, so above image from Seymour River, just north of Ingham came with more than a little luck.

Also found a Northern Fantail (Rhipidura rufiventris) near the river.
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