Kingfisher quick to zoom off

Blustery easterlies (stirring up avian memories of Yasi?) depressing bird numbers in Tyto, though Forest Kingfishers (Todiramphus macleayii) an exception.

Almost impossible to sneak up on them, the least trusting of kingfishers. Above bird alighted briefly on cyclone-damaged pandanus before spotting me on track and zooming off.
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Russell said…
Two lovely portraits!
Artoholic said…
My favourites Fishers Tony!

When I was in FNQ we had a resident family who were quite tame. Then an 3rd bird appeared and all hell broke loose. Newcomer chased off.

Re your last post about tick loving twitchers - it was taking close ups of the cockatoos that I was rewarded with my very own Paralysis Tick. I was sitting on the grass when I got it, so you can guess where it ended up! Hint: I had to have someone else remove it for me...
Gouldiae said…
G'day Tony,
Nice looking bird, but did whever was in charge have to make kingfisher bills so out of proportion?
Tyto Tony said…
Thanks Russell

Hi Cindy: I've dug a few out too. The little ones burrowing into groin and armpit being hardest to needle out.

Gidday Gouldiae: Grab big prey - including armoured beetles - at speed and batter against branches, and you'd be thankful for a big tough bill too!
Artoholic said…
I've painted these guys many times, and every single time I think I've got their bill out of proportion. I remind myself with all the photos (especially with juicy fat Asian geckoes in them)that they really ARE that large.

Yes "groin" would be close to the mark for the tick I was intimately aquainted with!
Artoholic said…
Hi Tony, hope you don't mind but I've linked your Forest Kingfisher post to my own Forest Kingfisher post - you're the inspiration behind it!


Tyto Tony said…
You're more than welcome!
diane b said…
A beautiful bird but you can keep the ticks.

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