Dragonfly beats bee-eaters

Dragonfly with a sweet tooth? Maybe not so sweet. 

It made short work of honeybee - sting and all - in Tyto today.

But Rainbow Bee-eaters unlikely to resent the catch.

Seldom see them buzzing after honeybees.   
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Snail said…
Oh, wow! Lovely shots. That bee obviously didn't stand a chance.

It's great the way that the dragonfly's colours are so similar to those of the (non-bee-eating) bee-eater. Makes a delightful sequence.

(I hope it's warmer where you are. I'm typing this in gloves. Slowly.)
Stunning images of the Bee-eaters
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Bronwyn. Been cold of a night here too. Not gloved up yet though. Hadn't thought too much about colour parallels. Coincidence only, would you think?

Thanks Kerryn. They've been sitting around for a while and tied in nicely with dagonfly's capture.

Thanks Kerryn.
wildwings said…
We especially enjoyed the dragonfly photos Tony - they certainly have the wow factor!

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