'Tis Little Kingfisher biz, tizz, whizz

Find Little Kingfisher (Ceyx pusilla) in noon sun on Saturday.

Unworried by my walk on to scene.

Intent on water below scleria perch. Seems the fish are hard to spot.

Sudden flap as Red-backed Fairy-wren darts by.

Little Kingfisher stands up for itself.

Further flap.

Without warning, dives to water. (Catches fish: darts elsewhere with it)

As we were. Life's yummy! (click pix to enlarge)


Wow, Tony what a series! Love that one in flight - it works well. Would it stand alone (on a calendar or desktop background)without the series, I ask myself - I think it might.
TonyC said…
Great shots tony. I'm very jealous. I only managed a couple of poor record shots with Chris Dalberg last year.
Martin said…
Outstanding shots Tony. Your patience is well rewarded.

I love this photos. its so beautiful ^^, Kisses !
mick said…
Great photos again Tony. I love the ones where you have caught it flapping its wings.

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