Crocodile almost caught napping

Checked out the nearby wetland site of Saltwater Crocodile nest (December post) yesterday and found possible nester sunning.

But the 2.5-3-metre animal kept head down. Slid silently into plant-choked water before I got inside 40 metres. Try again in a few days for closer shots.

More than close enough to this young Macleay's Honeyeater (Xanthotis macleayanus) in Tyto. But bird kept moving bit too sharply.

Similar story with young Graceful Honeyeater (Meliphaga gracilis).

Two or three encounters with this bird and yet to capture top shots.

Finally, easier target to hold in focus, and safer to tiptoe toward, Long-necked Turtle.


mick said…
Wouldn't it be safer to get a longer lens rather than get too close to that croc?
Denis Wilson said…
Hi Tony
That's as close to a Croc as I want to get, thanks
Tyto Tony said…
Oh Mick, Denis: Long lenses shake more than nervous cameramen! Better tyo be scared of the croc one can't see.

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