Monday, March 30, 2020

Peregrination speeds from kestrel to ibis

Peregrine Falcon wafts easily on breeze below Bald Rock in Town Common Cons. Pk, Townsville, today. Nothing like so purposeless when first seen, as black blur hurtling at Nankeen Kestrel low over the flats near the rock. Last-second side slip saw Kestrel safe. Falcon's return attack lacked resolve.

Surprise came bit later when falcon flew from dead White Ibis at edge of mangroves. Stayed within sight of the corpse but showed no sign of speedy return to it. Dead bird probably explains circling presence and minor aggression among six Whistling Kites in the general area. At no time, however, did any of them land or even fly low close to the ibis. Falcon had plucked some of neck. No clear cause of death.

Other raptors in broader area this morning: two White-bellied Sea-Eagles, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Brown Goshawk, Swamp Harrier, Black Kite.

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