Monday, January 27, 2020

Adding something extra to Spotted Whistling Duck

So, too many Spotted Whistling Ducks lately? No, wait, this isn't yet another one on the new borrow pits in the Townsville Town Common Cons. Pk. Look closely and you'll see a Blue Percher on the rightmost waterlily flower head. So it's really an insect picture. Honestly!

Well, perhaps not totally honest. But you can't argue about image of Honeybee at borrow pits laden with pollen. Before the present somewhat disappointing rain.

What about mosquito sitting late yesterday afternoon on head of Green Pygmy-goose? Nothing much here to be proud of but it's the first half-decent picture with super-duper new camera-lens combo. Gonna be a steep and long learning curve, I think.

Here's a Frilled-neck Lizard yesterday showing off bulging tongue and looking rather prehistoric with it. Unseen, because cloned out, one of hundreds of cigarette butts in the area. 'Nature-loving' chain smoker parks regularly at site and leaves evidence of addiction littering it. Wait, 50 years ago I was doing more or less the same. Yeah, but times change. Right? Anyway, I've changed.

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