What's black and white and red and blue and grey?

Tidy-up post for July pictures, that's what. Here we go:

Spangled Drongo, Great Egret, Red-backed Fairy-wren, Shining Flycatcher, Bustard, Purple Swamphens


Jackwin said…
Tony, Red-backed Kingfisher too? Jack
Tony Ashton said…

yep. Pity more of red(dish) rumpnot showing. But streaked head is enough. Not a common visitor around Ingham. I've had several sightings of one bird a wlong while back along Orient fenceline, another at Mungalla, another at Palm Tree Van Park, but never seen one in Tyto.
Tony Ashton said…
Ooops. I'm a bit slow. Forgot to name it, didn't I! Sorry, Jack. First comment right answer to wrongly imagined question.

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