Here's our World Wetlands Day outing

Tomorrow is World Wetlands Day.  Here is what it's all about. I know most couldn't make it. So I've done some looking for you:

Enjoy the outing?


mick said…
Thanks - very enjoyable!
Gary Wilson said…
well done - wetlands are a vanishing resource in our part of the World (Malaysia) - the concept of International Treaties, such as RAMSAR, do not appear to have popular appeal.
Tony Ashton said…
You're welcome, mick.

Gary: Never mind Ramsar, watch out for local bodies looking oh so narrowly at bottom lines and profit from poor ol' Ma Nature. Further, one main reason Australia escapes much depredation against wetlands and nature reserves is that nobody (yet) has eyes on the particular bit of real estate. Wait till we go from 25 million to 35m or so (almost all wanting/having to live in thin coastal strips. Enjoy them all while we can!

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