Big birds fussy about fish kills

Mature White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) flies off with fish from Tyto lagoon clutched securely in both talons. But it and other raptors won't take any old dead or dying fish. Recent mass deaths of species unable to tolerate low oxygen levels left fish such as bony bream floating unwanted for days until they sank back down into the unhealthy waters that killed them.

Not even sure this immature sea-eagle has yet developed the skills needed to take live fish. Seemed more interested in chasing after the adult, which showed no  willingness to share its small catch.

Another big attraction over the past week has been an Amethyst Python, sunning itself here on a grass track close to the main lagoon lookout.  Lively and about 3.5 metres long, the snake shows its jewelled colours in morning sunlight.   


Wonderful birds and great shots! Best regards :-)

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