Welcome Swallow coming in at speed

Bit of action in stiff breeze at Mungalla Station today with foraging Welcome Swallow (Hirundo neoxena) returning to stick in the shallows.
Images arranged to appear as one sequence but compiled from three bursts. Nothing too technical. Though Canon 7D can be 'noisy' of interest to some may be properties of the five images: 3 @ 1/2000 ISO400; 1 @ 1/4000 ISO800; 1 @ 1/8000 ISO3200.


mick said…
Thanks for the technical info Tony. I may not profit by all of it but it does make me go back and re-examine what I have been doing wrong in my pics!
Tony Ashton said…
Oh dear, Mick: You're too kind, as always. I'm only too, too not-for-profit. May we learn together forever.

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