Tyto longing long time coming

Took eight years, but last night my time in Ingham finally produced a living Eastern Grass Owl (Tyto longimembris). Very little of it was my own work, though I did manage on my ownsome to spook the Mungalla Station bird (which luckily was refound). Special thanks to Ian Boyd for ace spotting. And to others for their tolerance! Go, Boca! 

Today, among an interesting list at the station, Oriental Pratincole (Glareola maldivarum) stood still under a barrage of drive-by cameras. Hoping for better pictures of Little Curlew and Stubble Quail  soon. 



Boobook said…
Lovely to see the owl in its habitat.
Tyto Tony said…
Sure was, and is, and, one hopes, will be!
Chris Steeles said…
Ripper Tony! Looks the Owl has some perfect habitat there!
Tyto Tony said…
Right on, Chris. And for years I scoured in vain through bladey grass.

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