White Brain Jelly jolly fun(gus)

Lots of rain so lots of fungi. This one took  my eye a wee while back at Jourama Falls and the name clinched it ... White Brain Jelly Fungus (Tremella fuciformis). I quote: This fungus is found growing out of dead wood. The fruiting body is gelatinous when fresh, it shrinks as it dries and may even become leathery. It is contorted, lobed and translucent white, slimy when moist to 10 cm diameter; spores are borne over the entire surface of the lobes.
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willybob said…
That is an awsome fungus Tony, it looks as if it would be more at home on the reef. Enjoying the rest of the blog by the way especially the birds, great pics keep em comming.
All the very best,
Gordon, UK.
Tyto Tony said…
Thanks willybob. I hope to get back to falls area once local flooding eases to check on fungi and birds.
Denis Wilson said…
Hi Tony
I get some Jelly Fungi in my little local patch of rainforest.
But grey slimy leathery things.
Not near as attractive as yours.
Nice one.
Tyto Tony said…
Nothing but the prettiest for me, Denis.

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