Closing in on Red-backed Fairy-wren

More images in the quest for one that does full justice to the male Red-backed Fairy-wren (Malurus melanocephalus). Getting better, but . . .
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mick said…
They're beautiful! You're a perfectionist!!
Snail said…
I had to put on my sunglasses for the last one! I'm with Mick, they are beautiful and you are deinitely a perfectionist. Love it. More, please!
Ian said…
You have had much better luck at getting a good photo than me, well done.
Tyto Tony said…
Ooh, tough love. Just what my tender ego needs.
Denis Wilson said…
Perfectionists love Show-offs it seems.
You and the birds make a nice combination.
PS your previous Rainbow Bee Eater shots are wonderful too.
Tyto Tony said…
But the birds do perfection naturally and I struggle to even get close.

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