Young Willie Wagtail tells tale

Juvenile Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) tells heart-warming tale. Picture nest alongside Tyto lookout. Two fledglings. Three boys walk up. Branch and nest wrenched from tree. Severe lecture. Boys slink off. Nest stuck back into tree fork. Wagtail parents accept change. Fledglings thrive. Mature. Parents immediately build new nest by old site. Three eggs. Wagtails rule!
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mick said…
A lovely pic of the juvenile and a terrific outcome for what could have been a tragic outcome for nesting birds.
Anonymous said…
So glad you were there to reprimand those boys. Hope they have learned a permanent lesson. Terrific outcome that the nest restoration worked.
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Mick: Sadly, even without wayward boys, lot of failed nestings lately. Brown-backed HEs in particular building and deserting nests and eggs.

Hi Kerryn: Must report though that an effort to rebuild a flimsy White-browed Robin nest with two pre-fledglings didn't succeed. No boys involved, just lousy nest building. Win some, lose some ...

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