Ratty's wind(-up) in the wallows

Came upon Water Rat snuffling and wallowing in some shady shallows yesterday.

Seems usually high-alert sensors were turned off.

Mr Rat left water and came sniffing to me before sensing danger and scarpering back into overgrowth. No messing about in boats in this neck of the woods!
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Anonymous said…
It looks like Ratty is having a lovely time in those shallows - that second shot is great, shows the thick tail well and the whiskers of course. My sightings have all been at dusk watching them slide gracefully into the water! Marvellous creatures and they've learnt how to eat toads without getting poisoned which is a bonus for us all.
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Barbara: See a few swimming across main lagoon in full sunlight, but, yes, dusk is more their thing. And they do love freshwater mussels.

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