Wren jinks, joins weather jinx

Red-backed Fairy-wren (Malurus melanocephalus) takes off in Tyto yesterday.

Split-second earlier, sharper, but looking wrong way. Timing is all ...

But all ain't what it used to be. Total count of species for February and March: 77; roughly 20-30 below pre-Yasi expectations, though La Nina must also be counted contributor to the shortfall.  
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Mark Young said…
Nice images. I love the red and black of the males.
mick said…
Hmm! The first image may not be perfectly sharp - but the detail of one leg still on the branch while the rest of the bird is in motion - that's great!
Tyto Tony said…
Hi Mark: was chasing breeding plumage male when I got above pix.

Hi Mick: would have been slightly sharper with greater DOF but forced lately by camera defect to use 'sport' mode for action shots.

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