Rainbows lighten up the grey days

Plenty of grey around North Queensland with Cyclones Neville and Olga collapsing into rainy lows. So a bit of colour needed. And what's more colourful than Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus), specially on Rose Gum flowers? Beetle is bonus, unnoticed at time.

Not so gaudy, but every bit as noisy and scarcely less numerous lately, Scaly-breasted Lorikeet (Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus), on Euodia (Corkwood - also popular with Ulysses butterflies).

Sunny or grey, January shaping as lowest species count in Tyto in recent years. December usually the -100 month: but 114 last month; 99 this month. Why? Who knows? Not me!


Snail said…
Oh my! That is glorious!

Reaches for sunglasses. Wipes mildew off lenses.
mick said…
I'd miss those birds if they weren't screaming in the yard every morning. They are beautiful but so noisy!
Denis Wilson said…
Hi Tony.
I normally specialise in grey day posts. But never with Rainbows hidden in the flowers.
I can tell you that your beetle is a "Fiddler Beetle".
They love flowers too - hardly a surprise, given your photo.
Snails comments made me smile Tyto Tony visits a swamp and Snail lives in one!
I enjoyed seeing the scaly pics Tony. Everyone loves the Rainbows but the scaly breast always seems to play second fiddle.
Thanks for sharing Tony
Tyto Tony said…
Snail: Mildew starting down this way too.

Mick: Noisy. Cockatoos are noisy. Loris just screech a bit.

Thanks for ID, Denis. Couldn't find quick guide.

Russell: I also think Scaleys get overlooked.

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