Sea-Eagle plunge misses target

White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) turns away empty-taloned after sending wings whirring in all directions at Tyto yesterday.

While lining up an egret in flight, I heard alarm calls and panicked flurries. Plunging form filled the viewfinder as I turned. Didn't expect to see it almost in the water below me. Bird had tried to ambush group of flying cormorants fighting over a fish. Eagle missed target and just avoided feet-first splash. Then it was gone, out of sight high to west. Hard work being a top predator!


Mosura said…
Nice job moving from Egret to Eagle. I'm way too slow and miss a lot of opportunities. We should call you Quick Draw Mcgraw.
Tyto Tony said…
Aw gee, he blushed, I'm jest lucky, I guess.
mick said…
How could I beat that comment! Great photos!
Denis Wilson said…
Hi Tony
You keep the rest of us on our toes.
In fact, I am so slow I specialise in Orchids instead.
Buy i always enjoy your work - and your birds.
Sebislaw said…
Nice shots! Are these crops from larger images? I love witnessing the panic when a raptor arrives on the seen.
Tyto Tony said…
Thanks Denis. Bet you're hotfooting it after orchids right now!?

Hi Sebislaw: Both pix close to full frame. Neither super sharp, sadly. Story of my camera life!

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