Here be dragons . . .

Here be dragons, warned ye olde mappes at the point where invention trumped geography. Fair warning here comes after intention outjumped my photography. But even failure holds merit, if only as lesson and spur.

Deep purple: late grey afternoon beside a sugar cane ditch (click pic to enlarge).

Red chews blue: feeding time as big eats little.

Two tangle: looks like this pair haven't got the hang of it.


mick said…
Colorful! Interesting! And it shows that not all the dragonflies live down around Duncan's place!
Tyto Tony said…
True enough, Mick. But at Duncan's place you get a lot more expertise.
Duncan said…
Don't say that Tony, the first shot is a beauty as is the third flight shot, I know only too well how hard they are to capture.
Tyto Tony said…
Thanks, Duncan. What I meant was you can put names and other details to them. And your pix are sharper!
Anonymous said…
Love the red one!

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